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New Products | 20.06.2016

Compasso d’Oro ADI

The International Jury of the 24th edition of the Compasso d’Oro ADI Exhibition has awarded the Honorable Mention to Parete SC&A, a modular system for glazed partitions designed for UniFor by Pierluigi Cerri and Alessandro Colombo of Studio Cerri & Associati.

Events | 01.04.2016

XX1 Triennale Internazional Exhibition

The exhibition, based on a 5-year Indo-Italian research project, illustrates the consequences of democratic choice in independent India, its concrete existence and its globalized outcomes, which remain topical today.

Events | 20.01.2016

Gabriele Basilico Prize in Architecture and Landscape Photography

The young Russian photographer Maria Gruzdeva has been pronounced the winner of the first edition of the Gabriele Basilico Prize. Dedicated to the internationally renowned architecture and landscape photographer, the Prize aims to become an important point of reference for the research and experimentation of visual languages amongst the new generations, with whom Basilico had always cultivated constructive dialogue.

Events | 15.12.2015

UniFor at Orgatec 2016

UniFor is pleased to show our stand, where we offer a vision of the contemporary workplace in a realistic work environment aimed at fostering innovation and socialization.
A rational, comfortable, and enjoyable place to live and work in.

Events | 10.12.2015

Gabriele Basilico: ascolta il tuo cuore, città

“Gabriele Basilico – Ascolto il tuo cuore, città” is the first large anthological exhibition of the work of Gabriele Basilico to be held in Milan, the city where he was born in 1944 and lived and worked until 2013, the year of his premature death. It is also one of the first large historic exhibition organized and curated entirely by Unicredit Pavilion, confirming its vocation as a venue for the production and dissemination of culture in its various manifestations.

Curator Walter Guadagnini
in collaboration with Giovanna Calvenzi.

Photo exhibition Gianni Nigro

Events | 01.11.2015

Molteni Museum Grand Opening

In the year of Expo Milano 2015, the Molteni Group is inaugurating the new Molteni Museum.

New Products | 10.04.2015


The desk is a very special place. Public and intimate at the same time, it is a personal space. It is the territory where you set out your work tools, a few mementos and other favorite objects, the books and documents you need, and perhaps a few things you don't yet need, but you never know.

New Products | 10.04.2015


"Hatch by UniFor is a wall that does everything a wall should do. It separates and divides, and like good hatching, it is transparent, so that you can see what it is behind it, just as you can see the paper behind hatching.
In the wall version, Hatch is the door that supports the wall. A wall makes sense if you can go to the other side of it. In the office version, Hatch acts as a desk and a sofa. In the old days, desks had chairs in front of them for visitors, and the owner of the desk might sit behind the desk and make pronouncements. Today it is more polite and convivial to sit on a sofa and converse. With Hatch, there is a sofa in front of the desk."

Michele De Lucchi