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Events | 10.05.2018

David Chipperfield Architects Works

After 12 years, distinguished contemporary architecture returns to Vicenza with an exhibition at the Basilica Palladiana devoted to David Chipperfield Architects. 
Organized by the City of Vicenza and Abacoarchitettura, the exhibition will be installed to a project by Chipperfield himself within the Basilica, which has been restored to its previous splendor following extensive restoration work. 
“David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018” will present a selection of 15 of his recent projects in various stages of development, illustrating a series of activities that take place in a modern architectural firm.

Events | 10.04.2018

Milano Design Week 2018

UniFor's latest proposals will be presented  at the corso Matteotti showroom, in a new exhibition of office furnishings and systems organized to create a rational and welcoming work environment, capable of responding to changes in the modern office while maintaining continuity with tradition.

Events | 10.03.2018

Gabriele Basilico International Prize. Second Edition

Jiehao Su, a young Chinese photographer who lives in the United States, is the winner of the second edition of the Gabriele Basilico Prize in Architecture and Landscape Photography.

Events | 01.11.2017

SIMI Parigi 2017

UniFor is present at SIMI Paris with Genie des Lienux  an exhibit that, alongside the themes of comfort, environmental quality, flexibility, and the non-intrusive use of technology, which have always been the focus of the company's research and development, will be presented:
Parete AP. Andrée Putman
Modular floor-to-ceiling partition system

Element 02. Foster+Partners
Large table for conference rooms and flexible shared spaces 

iSatelliti. F&L Design 
Grouped workstations with height-adjustable worktop

Events | 10.10.2017

Amata Bellezza. Flowers and Visions - Mario Carrieri

A key, very reserved figure in the world of Italian photography, Mario Carrieri gathers the results of years of work in the cycle of images in this exhibition.

Events | 01.10.2017

DownTown Design Dubai

The constant evolution of the increasingly mature and demanding market of the United Arab Emirates has gone hand-in-hand with a growing interest in UniFor, whose presence has expanded over the years, especially in the sector of business and financial centers.

Events | 01.09.2017

Mario Carrieri

A key, very reserved figure in the world of Italian photography, Mario Carrieri gathers the results of years of work in the cycle of images in this exhibition. 
In his solitary photographic research on “Flowers and Visions,” in what might be erroneously described as “still lifes,” he sets out to interpret the tragic character of human existence, presenting on his own imaginary visual stage a “Whole” that is dramatically visionary and pantheistic, almost theatrical, as if suspended on the thread of a light so remote as to seem to be frozen outside of time.

Events | 01.07.2017

Love Design 2017

With the 8th edition of Love Design just a few months away, over 40 brands have already confirmed their presence at this three-day design exhibition in support of cancer research, scheduled for 20-22 October 2017 in Milan at the Fabbrica del Vapore. Promoted by the Lombard branch of AIRC (the Italian Association for Cancer Research) and by ADI (the Italian Association for Industrial Design), the exhibition is an important moment of sharing and conviviality between design fans, members of the design industry, and members of the scientific community.