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XYZ is a flexible office system that creates more agile and tailored workspaces. The pared-back, modular system includes a shelving unit (X), lightweight conference table (Y) and an intuitive sit/stand desk (Z), which work individually or as a set.

The Y Table is a lightweight, reconfigurable table system, designed to use minimum material while offering maximum support. Its Y-shaped, steel legs can be easily reconfigured to allow for different seating arrangements and removed completely for transportation or storage.



  • Worktop
  • Legs
FR Ash

RV Oak

NK Canaletto Walnut straight-grained

U8 Pebble Linoleum

UF Black Linoleum

S4 White laminate

GP Platinum Grey laminate

LN Black Laminate

D4 Salsa painting

T2 Black painting

Z4 Tropical Yellow galvanization


"We believe that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives."



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