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Molteni Museum

The Molteni Museum reopens its doors to the public with new premises and a new layout. The museum for the Group's four brands, Molteni&C, Dada, UniFor and Citterio, has been moved to the Glass Cube exhibition space, also inside the Molteni Compound in Giussano, and has been entirely redesigned and curated by Ron Gilad.

The Molteni Museum, inaugurated in 2015 to celebrates the Group’s 80th anniversary, aims to showcase the company's history, identity and values. Extraordinary lives of men and women who invented, produced, built objects, work and social relations. An exhibition dedicated to the history of the company but also with an eye to the future, so that the story is seamless, a continuum between past, present and future. The museum is a dynamic place which fosters research and memory while stimulating dialogue and exchanges of ideas.

Published: October 21, 2021