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UniFor supports The Royal Academy of Arts




London, UK

UniFor is honoured to support the Royal Academy of Arts, the independent art institution founded in London in 1768 by King George III and led by eminent artists and architects, with the purpose of being a clear, strong voice for art and architecture.

One of the key activities of the Royal Academy since its foundation has been organising the annual Summer Exhibition, “open to all artists of distinguished merit”. This exhibition has been held every year without interruption since 1769 and continues to play a significant role in spreading the work of emerging and established artists and architects to an international audience.

Centered around the Summer Exhibition, the Architecture Summer Programme encompasses the always popular Architecture Rooms, the Summer Exhibition Architecture Afternoon and Party, and the Summer Exhibition Architecture Award. UniFor will play an active role in supporting and being part in the panel that will award the Summer Exhibition Architecture Award for “an outstanding architectural work”. The programme also includes the inaugural ‘Introducing Architecture: free talk for 16-25-year-olds’ with renowned architect Toshiko Mori, designed to engage young people in architecture and design.

By supporting the Royal Academy Architecture Summer Programme, June-August 2024, UniFor confirms its role as a promoter of cultural activities capable of inspiring the next generations of architects and designers.

*Installation view of the Summer Exhibition 2024 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, 18 June - 18 August 2024. Photo: © Royal Academy of Arts, London / David Parry.

Published: 20, 2024