UniFor, since 1969

UniFor began manufacturing office furniture in 1969. From that time forward its production has continued to develop along a path that has earned the company its place as one of the main protagonists of five important decades in the history of Italian design. Collaborating over the years with prestigious, internationally renowned architects, both for the realization of new products  and for the constant improvement of lines already in production, UniFor has made significant contributions to the success of the Made in Italy brand.


Commitment to Architecture

UniFor was born with a precise vocation: to create interior landscapes that interpret and translate into reality the indications of its clients and those of contemporary architects.
This commitment has involved the transfer of the artisanal culture of the wood-working district of Brianza, in northern Italy, based on close collaboration between industry and designer, to the international sphere, leading to the development of an organic and coordinated approach to furnishing public and private spaces according to their unique identities.


Research, innovation and elevated production flexibility

Specialized in large-scale projects, with an all-embracing international presence and a close collaborative relationship with the most prestigious architectural firms, UniFor has operated since the very beginning (1969) as a factory workshop at the disposal of the best creative talents.


People and work environments

Flexibility, comfort, safety, and the provision of an office environment that fosters mental and physical well-being—also through a judicious and non-invasive use of technology—are the fundamental aspects
of UniFor’s research and development program. Potential users and their surroundings are consistently placed at the center of every innovative effort.


Made in Italy products of the highest quality

Production is based on advanced industrial design components in terms of both aesthetics and function. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, and certified for work environments throughout the world, UniFor’s office furnishing systems are made with extremely high quality materials and finishes, characterized by excellent technical performance, safety standards and durability.


Design essentiality, streamlined assembly and maximum functionality

UniFor responds to the complexity of the contemporary workplace with an ample range of furnishings and partition systems aimed at refined simplification. Innovative in terms of form, technology and product type, UniFor products are developed using sophisticated technologies that ensure functionality, comfort and convenience. By reducing every project to its essence, UniFor is able to create solutions that perfectly interpret the original ideas of the designer.


Series products and custom works

UniFor products are standardized where possible, and made-to-measure where required.
UniFor has the expertise and availability to develop and manufacture personalized solutions, capable of satisfying specific project requirements.