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UniFor supports The World Around



UniFor is proud to support The World Around, a New York-based non-profit organization. The World Around has an ambitious yet well-defined mission: to make the best new ideas in global architecture accessible to all, with a shared focus on interdisciplinary design, climate justice, and progressive, actionable ideas.

Among the various initiatives, The World Around holds an Annual Summit, now in its fifth edition this year, featuring a series of talks and conversations dedicated to new projects from around the world that combine architecture with ecological and social justice. The latest summit, curated by Executive Director Beatrice Galilee, took place on May 11th at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. The main topics discussed were new approaches to landscape and urbanism, material innovation, and cultural spaces, with the aim of sharing the methods used by architects and designers to address the challenges of our time.

For UniFor the central role of architects and designers in imagining solutions for present and future workplaces, has always been of fundamental importance at every scale of the project. Placing the architect as the primary interlocutor, UniFor has translated the demands for identity, flexibility, sociality, and sustainability into concrete reality.

Cultural activism and social responsibility, rooted in the history of the company, has long guided UniFor in supporting non-profit organizations and in forming long-lasting partnerships with Institutions, Foundations, and Associations across diverse sectors.

This attitude results in a natural affinity with The World Around and the recently established close cooperation to support architects, designers, and the environment, through the pooling of resources, exchange of ideas, engaging dialogues, and collaborative activities. In short, to support the future.

Published: 20, 2024