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UniFor supports, as design partner, Cuore, the Research, Study and Archive Center of Triennale Milano.





UniFor renews its ongoing, synergic relationship with Triennale Milano, with the establishment of a partnership dedicated to creating a new space designed to house the Centro Studi di Triennale and display the archives and collections of the institution itself and other entities.

An “archive of archives” that will be open to the public, striving to make the extraordinary historical heritage readily accessible. The latter consists of over 300,000 physical and digital assets.

The modular elements of the display system intended to house the various archival collections, are made by UniFor to a design by architect Luca Cipelletti, Studio AR.CH.IT. A system of display cases, cabinets and shelves, covering an area of approximately 300 square metres, allows the display of multiple materials - photographs, objects, models, prototypes, fabrics, drawings, volumes, posters - and is designed to enhance the use of the various contents.

Cuore is open to the public from February 15th 2024.

Published: 14, 2024