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World Baseball Softball Confederation




Lausanne, Switzerland

interior design

Enrico Muscioni


Libreria CF - Cases - Naòs - LessLess

The WBSC has a new headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. For this project, UniFor developed bespoke products with a clear link to the world of baseball.

The new headquarters of the World Baseball Softball Confederation has been inaugurated in Pully, Switzerland, right next to the Lausanne Olympic complex.
The World Softball Baseball Confederation stands out for its elegance, functionality and for the great attention to the environment: more than 90% of the building's electricity in fact comes from solar energy.
Attention to detail makes every single object unique, including armchairs, tables, stairs and even curved walls.

For this new project UniFor furnished series products such as: Cases and Less Less by Jean Nouvel, CF and Wingspan bookcases, both by Dante Bonuccelli, and Naos by Pierluigi Cerri.

Not only series products, but also made-to-measure ones.
The conference table was made by UniFor with both the design and materials inspired by the baseball-world. In fact, the top of the table is entirely covered in leather with the typical stitching of the baseball glove, including the cross and long stride. In the central part there is the homeplate, the classic baseball logo which recall the shape of the pitch and the typical baseball game pattern. The homeplates are rotated along the prospectus to convey them in the direction of the president's seat on the shaped end of the table, which is further identified by the presence of the confederation's logo. Each seat of the conference table has been equipped with a dedicated top access containing the latest generation of technological components

Architect Enrico Muscioni's design project for the lounge area is also a strong reference itself to the world of baseball. UniFor has created matching armchairs and tables that recall the balls, with even the "baseball stitch".

Standard products:
CF bookcase, Cases, Naòs, Less Less, Wingspan