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Bibliothèque du Palais de Chaillot. Parigi 2007




Paris, France

interior design

Jean Francois Bodin


Naòs System - Libreria CF

Housed in the left wing of the Palais de Chaillot, in Paris, the Citè de l'Architetture et du Patrimoine covers 23,000 square meters and hosts a range of public institutions, schools, exhibition spaces and a library with documentation centre, entirely dedicated to architectural and city-related aspects. Containing 45,000 volumes, 450 periodicals and 110 study seats, the library occupies a large double-height foyer and vaulted gallery. Strictly decorated in white and adorned with beautiful frescoed ceilings, the entire area has been furnished with modular elements that define space with refined simplicity. The in-line seats and long tables lit by direct lighting and equipped with swivel-arm monitors provide elegant and functional solutions for retrieving information and studying, while a system of shelving and display units is used to file and display books. The careful choice of materials and finishes makes for perfect blending into the surrounding library space.

Standard products:
Naòs System In-line seats and library tables.
Libreria CF Modular system of book shelving units, display units and showcases (design by Dante Bonuccelli).
Library tables.
Book shelving units: 1,545 m2.