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Biblioteca José Vasconcelos




Mexico City


Alberto Kalach

interior design

Taller Arquitectura X, Alberto Kalach, Adriana Leòn


Naòs System

The imposing complex of the Biblioteca José Vasconcelos in Mexico City aims to be an architectural reference and pivotal element within the extensive program of regeneration of the surrounding urban environment. Encased within a ribcage-like cement and steel structure, the internal space has been conceived as a spectacular representation of the primary function performed by the building, to create a true factory of knowledge. The large central nave, covering the length of the building, lets the light in from its slanted sides and ceiling, from where hung the metal shelving units on which the books are displayed. The internal architecture of this large library defines a modern industrial space, characterized by a rigorous, yet flexible design and a cleverly balanced use of materials and colors, with furnishings – chosen with maximum formal simplicity in mind – playing a crucial role in its overall quality.

Standard products:
Naòs System Desks, study seats and library tables.
Library seats: 159.
Desk/study seats: 21.