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Pierluigi Cerri

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Thesystem of modular aluminum bookcases, in the double-sided free-standing version or wall structure versions, is the latest development of the original project, reinterpreted today using new materials and innovative manufacturing processes to improve both technical performance and ease of installation. Flexible, functional and with sleek contemporary styling, these new furnishing elements, together with those already in production, permit customization of every installation to specific project requirements.


  • Worktop
  • Structure
CR Europe Grey glass

CS Frosted glass

CH Extra-clear glass

AS Sycamore

PE Pearwood

NO National walnut

AG Silver painting

AR Ardesia painting

NE Black painting

VR Green painting

RO Glossy Amaranth Red painting

VE Glossy Green painting

BA Polished aluminium

AS Sycamore

PE Pearwood

NO National walnut


"Every meaningful design form must be built with the technical and expressive means that are most suited to its purpose, requirements, and objectives."

Pierluigi Cerri


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