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Novartis Pharma. Basilea




Basilea, Svizzera

interior design

Studio Cerri & Associati


AP - Flipper - Panels and Screens - Naòs System - LessLess

The Basel headquarters of Novartis Pharma, the multinational pharmaceutical company, is distributed across a large campus with a number of architecturally impressive buildings that house the various types of offices and the company's research, development and production facilities. The office space in consideration is characterized by an original design approach that centers on the vertical circulation. A monumental staircase puts the three floors in direct communication with each other, creating a common and obligatory passageway for everyone but also a pleasant place to stop and chat, making it easier for people to meet and fostering closer interaction. The workplaces, enhanced by elegant finishes and refined color schemes, were realized using flexible furnishing systems that permit each space to be configured according to a specific functional requirements. The conference rooms are enclosed by personalized glazed partition walls, ensuring privacy. 

Series products:
Parete AP Modular floor-to-ceiling partition wall system.
Flipper Open-space workstations personalized with P4 panels, conference tables.
Naòs System Conference tables with direct task lighting.
LessLess Tower storage cabinets.
Neutra Storage cabinets and personalized drawer pedestals. 
Workstations: 200.
Conference rooms.
Filing areas: 140 cabinets, 20 cabinets.