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Picasso Metamorfosi


18 October 2018 - 17 February 2019


Palazzo Reale, Milan

Promoted and produced by the department of culture of the city of Milan, together with Palazzo Reale and MondoMostreSkira, and coordinated by Pascale Picard, director of the Municipal Museums of Avignone, the exhibition Picasso Metamorfosi opens on October 18 at Palazzo Reale in Milan. The event is a stopover of Picasso-Méditerranée, the important European triennial exhibition promoted by the Musée Picasso in Paris together with other international institutions. It presents an exciting itinerary designed to highlight Picasso’s surprising investigations into a modern art that is rooted in the classical arts and in mythology.

In the approximately 200 works of the display curated by the architect Pierluigi Cerri, a strong dialogue emerges between Picasso and the art of the ancient world: his transfigured antiquity is a reinterpretation, in a modern key and in an original visual language, of a wide variety of mythological themes and figures. 
Alongside minotaurs, centaurs, fauns, and other hybrid creatures, as well as Bacchic processions and chariot battles, some of the artist’s favorite subjects make their appearance: bullfights, arenas, war, passion and Eros. 
The exhibition is organized in six sections which range in theme from the kiss to the myth of Arianna and the Minotaur, the origin of “Demoiselles,” and metamorphosis. The works of the Spanish artist are displayed together with the ancient works (pottery, vases, statues, votive plaques, reliefs, idols, and stele) that inspired and deeply influenced him. 
UniFor supports the initiative as a technical sponsor in the realization of the exhibition.

Published: 10, 2018