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UniFor @ Paris Design Week


3/12 September 2020


UniFor Showroom, 6 Rue des Saint Pères, Paris

UniFor presents a new multimedia window, curated by Ron Gilad, for the Paris Design Week in its showroom in 6 Rue des Saints Pères.

The entrance to an office, a waiting room with a strong personality where the starring role is played by Elementaire, a line of sofas and armchairs with an unmistakable design by Jean Nouvel.

Elementaire is a modular system devised to adapt to various project requirements and to a variety of settings. Specifically, for the window of the Paris showroom, Ron Gilad picked the version with a high backrest; it is a model that conceals what lies behind, in a game of “now you see it, now you don’t”. So what lies behind? The installation plays on these dynamics and wants to be ironic about the historical disputes and claims between Italy and France, two countries which are tied by their great artistic and culinary traditions, playing with this very bond. All this is possible thanks to versatile furniture, which could find its place in lounge areas, offices and why not, even bistros, as the wire frame coffee table suggests.

Special opening times during the PDW:
Monday to Friday: 10 - 20 h
Thursdays: 10 - 21.30 h 



Photos © Sergio Graza

Published: 06, 2020