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Jean Nouvel

interior design

Jean Nouvel



The magnificent architectural complex of the Philharmonie de Paris completes the ambitious project of the Cité de la Musique, located within Parc de la Villette in the northeast part of Paris. Completely enclosed by a metal building envelope, the 52-meter high structure contains a large concert hall with approximately 2500 seats, arranged to envelop the audience around the stage, thereby creating a more intimate relationship between orchestra and spectators. In addition to the auditorium, foyers and rehearsal rooms, there are spaces devoted to educational activities and public awareness programs, as well as exhibition spaces, administrative offices, and technical and service rooms. The offices, hosted in one wing of the complex, were rigorously positioned to coincide with the openings that punctuate the facade. The work environments are delineated by a balanced, modular rhythm in which carefully designed furnishings and partition elements, together with refined materials and color schemes, come together to define exclusive, elegant and inviting surroundings.

Series products:
Parete AP Modular floor-to-ceiling partition wall system.
Custom works: Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets, sound-absorbent wall panels in micro-perforated wood, office furnishings with special tables and accessorized wall system. 
Workstations and meeting spaces: 150.
Fitted walls with overhead cabinets and tall cabinets: 350 m.
AP glazed partition wall: 200 m.