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UniFor and Herzog & de Meuron win the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 for the interior design project of the UniFor Showroom in Viale Pasubio in Milano.



The UniFor showroom, designed by Herzog & de Meuron and opened in November 2022, was honoured with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024, one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide.

Located in the Porta Nuova district, the most advanced and strategic urban redevelopment hub of the 'new' Milan, the UniFor showroom in Viale Pasubio 15 is a space that not only hosts new products, but also opens up to the city, becoming an exhibition of know-how and integrating perfectly into the Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli building. An exhibition space, a window into the company, its work and its technical expertise in custom design.

Herzog & de Meuron's intervention in UniFor's space extends the main themes that were adopted by the Studio in the Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli project. This intervention is rooted in the territory and in dialogue with the pre-existence - the trace of the Spanish Walls.

The structural skeleton, the repetition of the rotated square columns and the 45-degree angle cut express the geometric conditions of the site, while providing the basis for the interior design of the showroom. Characterising the interior space is a single 90-degree extrusion profile and a panel system, designed specifically for the space by Herzog & de Meuron, which can be configured as a boiserie or free-standing partition element.

Around the central heart of the showroom, coinceived for meetings and presentations and surrounded by pleated walls, the other functions flow into each other. Unifying the space is a large floor made of oak wood tiles that are repeated like an endless puzzle.

The building designed by Herzog & de Meuron separates two different worlds, the urban and frenetic Viale Pasubio and the slower, more relaxed Pasternak garden. Herzog & de Meuron thus chose to orient the brushed aluminium surfaces, which cover the boiserie walls, mainly towards Viale Pasubio and those in yellow velvet, softer and brighter, towards the garden.

A project of great flexibility, designed for the well-being and comfort of those who live in it and dialogue with the Company.

Founded in 1953 as Die Gute Industrieform e.V., iF Design is a global symbol of excellent design. UniFor, with its commitment to architecture and design, has been recognized several times with this award. The first product to be awarded in 1989 was iSatelliti S/10 – S/100, the precursor of the heightadjustable workstation. In 2023 UniFor received the iF DESIGN AWARD GOLD with OMA for the development of the PRINCIPLES collection.

Published: 21, 2024