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New York City Showroom

UniFor’s showroom on 160 Madison Avenue hosts a new installation by Ron Gilad.

A Naòs table and bookcase by Pierluigi Cerri, Elementaire armchairs by Jean Nouvel Design, and a vast window displaying the beauty of Rome, are the only elements used for the installation entitled "Executive Office".
The display resembles, in fact, a traditional executive office overlooking the breathtaking classic domes and rooftops of Rome. A window on the window, which takes the passer-by on a virtual journey to one of the most symbolic Italian cities in the world.

An Italian story, a story of family, of legacy, of attention to detail and commitment to excellence is displayed not just in this installation, but in the entire design of the showroom itself. The NYC showroom is the first and only in the world to combine the Molteni Group’s three brands: Molteni&C, Dada, and UniFor. This unique showroom was designed by Vincent Van Duysen.

Photos © Eric Laignel

Published: 29, 2021