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Credit Saison. Tokyo




Tokyo, Japan

interior design

Studio plantec


Naòs System

The Tokyo branch of Credit Saison, a leading Japanese company in the sector of financial services, is situated in a low, slender building, fully-glazed along the street-front, which stands out for the interesting architectural solution of its corner entrance. The lightness and formal rigor of the building's facades, punctuated at regular rhythms by floor-to-ceiling transparent glass paneling, are repeated in the rational design of the interiors. The task area extends across the entire floor, resulting in an ample and luminous open space, organized on a grid delineated by large workstations arranged in linear fashion. The conference rooms, meeting spaces and executive offices are enclosed entirely by glass partitions. All of the work environments are in constant visual communication with each other, bathed by light and permeated by the white tones that dominate the furnishings.

Series products:
Progetto 25 Full-height partition wall system.
Naòs System Open-space workstations.
Neutra Drawer pedestals.
Open-space workstations: 2,000.
Conference rooms: 10. Filing areas.
Progetto 25 glazed partition wall: 300 sq m.