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The desk is a very special place. Public and intimate at the same time, it is a personal space. It is the territory where you set out your work tools, a few mementos and other favorite objects, the books and documents you need, and perhaps a few things you don't yet need, but you never know.

The desk is a place that reflects the personality of its owner, and as we all know, our personality is our most precious possession, to which we devote so much of our time and effort. Interesting personalities deserve to be put on display, exhibited, shown off, because the very best work teams are made up of interesting and diverse personalities, and you can often recognize a good work team by looking at its workplace. Thus, if desks can be considered the display cases of the office, once everyone has gone home the office becomes a sort of exhibition hall of the interesting things of interesting people. 

Michele de Lucchi

Published: 10, 2015