Touch Down Unit, the new work-from-home experience

Mobile and collaborative work, globalization, an always-on culture have changed the nature of our workplace.

Unexpected events as we experienced first-hand in the past few weeks prompted us to hack our lifestyles and fundamentally change the way we work, connect with others, think of our home. We are discovering that working from home greatly impacts our productivity; the environment we are able to re-create brings real meanings to our collective work experience.

The new work-from-home experience

Touch Down Unit, with its thought-out design and highly performing functions can bring the workplace effectiveness into your home. TDU is highly portable, adapting itself to different rooms. It has a range of usage modes for working seated on an armchair, chair or stool, or can be used standing. It acts as a service module, providing storage for personal items, and can be used to work on a laptop and charge devices. TDU presents itself as a simple, compact form consisting of a rectangular worktop over a small closed volume that opens during use to reveal two cabinets with various accessory elements. With its clean form, TDU fits easily into any furnishing context, while its compact size allows to take up very little space.

Published: 14, 2020

New Products | 2020.06.25

Add-Ons Panels

The latest events have radically changed people’s daily routine within their workplaces. A safe environment which guarantees the well-being and comfort in the office is, now more than ever, essential. 

New Products | 2016.06.20

Compasso d’Oro ADI

The International Jury of the 24th edition of the Compasso d’Oro ADI Exhibition has awarded the Honorable Mention to Parete SC&A, a modular system for glazed partitions designed for UniFor by Pierluigi Cerri and Alessandro Colombo of Studio Cerri & Associati.

New Products | 2015.04.10


The desk is a very special place. Public and intimate at the same time, it is a personal space. It is the territory where you set out your work tools, a few mementos and other favorite objects, the books and documents you need, and perhaps a few things you don't yet need, but you never know.

New Products | 2015.04.10


"Hatch by UniFor is a wall that does everything a wall should do. It separates and divides, and like good hatching, it is transparent, so that you can see what it is behind it, just as you can see the paper behind hatching.
In the wall version, Hatch is the door that supports the wall. A wall makes sense if you can go to the other side of it. In the office version, Hatch acts as a desk and a sofa. In the old days, desks had chairs in front of them for visitors, and the owner of the desk might sit behind the desk and make pronouncements. Today it is more polite and convivial to sit on a sofa and converse. With Hatch, there is a sofa in front of the desk."

Michele De Lucchi