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Design the Workspaces of the future


March-July 2019



UniFor has always supported major cultural initiatives and wide ranging, particularly related to the evolution of the contemporary office space, in a path characterized by intense research and experimentation for a continuous improvement of the product, attentive to the world of design, architecture and design.

As confirmation of this strategic direction, the company has renewed its commitment as a technical sponsor, supporting a technical professional training course, entitled "Designing the workspaces of the future". Promoted and organized by delucchiworkshop. The course, addressed to architects, industrial and interior designers, young creatives and university students, was divided into 8 sessions of 3 hours each, from March 5 to July 2, 2019, in Milan, Turin, Genoa and Padua. The course, approved by the CNAPPC, allowed participants to acquire 18 professional training credits. 

The first lesson was held at the UniFor, was held by the architect. Michele De Lucchi and Dr. Piero Molteni; the following lessons, held by arch. Paolo De Lucchi in different locations, touched on topics such as: the Innovative office as a "tool" to improve productivity; the evolution of workspaces - from the Olivetti experience to the new Google offices; the importance of light (natural and artificial); the design proposals developed and discussed by the working group; the different types of flooring and false ceilings in relation to regulatory requirements; the temporal transformations of mobile partition systems for work environments; operating systems and management systems; the final evaluations of the projects developed. 

The participants, in addition to acquiring important knowledge on the theme of the evolution of work environments, have deepened the different issues addressed through collective discussions, presenting the design ideas developed during the course, with the support of teachers.

Published: 31, 2019