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UniCredit Verona




Verona, Italy


Mario Botta

interior design

Studio aMDL Michele De Lucchi Nicholas Bewick



Part of the urban redevelopment project of the industrial area of the former Magazzini Generali of Verona, the new UniCredit building consists of two 3-story volumes linked by the Arena, a large full-height central atrium illuminated by a highly articulated glazed roof structure. The Arena was conceived as a sort of agora, a connective space where the numerous employees who work in the complex can meet and interact, thereby fostering improved communications, collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The layout of the interiors consists of a diversified series of environments and workstations, designed based on a new concept of smart working that was developed as a result of the reorganization of the bank’s operational procedures. The project for the interior furnishings makes use of the components of a single modular system to create differentiated work environments that satisfy specific requirements in terms of flexibility, adaptability and efficient use of space.

Custom works
Modular system of furnishings and partition elements consisting of metal structural components combined with worktops of various sizes and shapes, containers, acoustic paneling and partition screens in various materials, equipment and accessories.
Work environments
Workstations: 832
Phone Booth/Flexi Rooms
for private meetings: 70
Conference rooms: 64
Full-height partitions: 4250 sq m
Single and double swing doors: 137
Cabinets with sliding and swing doors: 630
Filing cabinets: 188
Wardrobe cabinets: 92
Suspended cabinets: 168
Monitor supports: 700
Acoustic panels in fabric: 750