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The Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF Group) comprises five companies owned by the French government. Of these, SNCF Réseau is a key player in the management, maintenance, and development of the French rail network.

The interior design project

To best fulfil these operations, one of the key objectives for the new SNCF building in Pantin was to bring together under a single roof the operations staff (Unified Command Centre) and information one in order to optimise performance and responsiveness with the aim of promoting greater collaboration.

Projective, the architectural firm in charge of the interior design project, collaborated with UniFor for the design and production of custom furnishings conceived especially for this challenging work environment. Within the Unified Command Centre (CCU), the departments in charge of regulating and controlling the movements of trains work in collaboration with those that provide information to the passengers. This ensures both optimal responsiveness in case of unforeseen events and maximum quality of information with real-time updates. Special workstations were devised that respond to the many and diverse needs of the staff who use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The result is a work environment in which the furnishings adapt to the individual rather than the other way around.

Height-adjustable worktops and monitors, additional lateral sliding mechanisms for the monitors, and acoustic fabric panels over the monitor arms all help to create workspaces that enhance well-being and permit flexibility of use and versatility of configuration. The metal casing that covers the base of the workstations echoes the design, material, and colour of the acoustic mesh that clads the building’s exterior. The two Crisis Rooms, where emergency situations are handled, are located on the west and east sides of the first floor. Both rooms are equipped with individual workstations with a metal structure, arranged in a horseshoe configuration in the East Crisis Room and in an arc shape in the West Crisis Room.

The supply includes custom fixed workstations specially designed for the training and simulation rooms.

Fifty years’ experience in the management of challenging, complex projects has allowed UniFor to meet once again the technological, design, and functional requirements of its client in a unique and original manner.