Touch Down Unit

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Touch Down Unit is a self-contained mobile touchdown station, that can easily follow workers around the office, adapting itself to continuous changes in layout and spatial configuration and to a range of usage modes for working seated on an armchair, office chair or stool, or standing.

Touch Down Unit presents itself as a simple, compact form consisting of a rectangular worktop over a small closed volume that opens during use to reveal to cabinets with various accessory elements. 

The unit has a metal structure consisting of a base with a wired central upright fixed to it. The upright, in turn, also supports the structure of the worktop, which features vertical and horizontal positioning devices that allow the user to adjust the height and position of the worktop so that it is comfortable and ergonomic for every type of activity. The upright is also equipped with a rechargeable battery, along with power and USB outlets for recharging electronic devices. 
To facilitate repositioning the workstation, the base is on retractable 360° swivel castors, while the central upright has a practical pull-out handle. 

The worktop is available in wood, back-painted glass, or Fenix laminate. Its height can be electrically adjusted from 74 cm to 104 cm, and it also slides horizontally for use from the long or short side, depending on the user’s position and work modality (seated on an armchair, office chair or stool, or standing).

The two accessorized containers are in lacquered wood with a structural shell in painted sheet metal. They open when the workstation is in use, providing access to various handy features. The first container can be rotated 180°, revealing an open compartment in the cabinet with a lockable door. The second container slides horizontally on hidden tracks, exposing another compartment and shelving for storing documents, electronic devices, personal objects.


  • Worktop
  • Structure - Internal shelves and electrical parts





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