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Touch Down Unit


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Featuring a simple, contemporary design, TDU encompasses a rectangular worktop sitting over a closed compartment which – when being used – opens out into two compartments featuring various useful accessories and tools. The worktop – available in finishes such as glass, Fenix laminate and Canaletto walnut – can be adjusted in terms of its height, while it also pulls out to ensure an ergonomic, comfortable user experience in any position, both seated and standing. Concealed wheels make moving the workstation easy, regardless of the floor surface.
The electrified version of TDU includes a plug socket and a USB port for recharging electronic devices.


  • Worktop
  • Structure
NK Canaletto Walnut straight-grained

X2 Fenix Cacao laminate

X3 Fenix Grey laminate

HR Platinum Grey glass

X7 Charcoal glass

GI Yellow painting

VQ Light Green painting

D7 Charcoal painting

VP Platinum Grey painting

T0 Ash painting

BJ Bronze painting

NK Canaletto Walnut straight-grained


“Designing means linking abstract knowledge to everyday life.”



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