MDL System

Michele De Lucchi

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Carefully designed down to the smallest detail, MDL System features individual desks and workstations which can be arranged in rows or facing each other, with a range of different shapes and sizes available. Cable management accessories, shelves and dividing panels complete the collection.
The Full version of the workstations features an unusual C-shaped profile that creates an original and practical shelf as well as space for numerous small drawers and optional power and data connections, while the Basic plus version features an L-shaped shelf and a dividing panel which can be positioned to suit specific requirements.
The metal support structure of MDL System consists of tracks below the worktop and contoured legs in extruded aluminium, painted platinum grey or with a polished aluminium finish. A special fastening system allows the various elements to be positioned as required.
A limited number of lightweight, functional modular components within a single assembly system combine easily to create solutions that meet the flexibility requirements of a shared work environment. Linear and facing workstation configurations, each supported by a single pair of contoured legs, delineate, and organise open-space work environments while readily adapting to changing situations.


  • Worktop
  • Legs - Structure
White Laminate

Platinum grey laminate

Photolaminate Sycamore 

Oak 6L6 Photolaminate

AS Sycamore

RV Oak

Canaletto walnut straight-grained

Standard natural veneer  Certified genuine wood from Europe-Canadia-USA

Charcoal dark grey painting

T0 Ash medium grey

Platinum grey painting

C7 Calce white

Epoxy powder coating

BA Polished

NA Natural Aluminium - Galvanic treatment


"Designing isn't just creating beautiful buildings and beautiful objects, it's investigating the needs and desires of humankind."

Michele De Lucchi


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