Lounge system

Rodolfo Dordoni



Lounge System, a collection of sofas and armchairs, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni and produced by Molteni&C for UniFor, satisfies the need to work anywhere, autonomously and at ease.

Lounge System is the new benchmark for modern working environments. The aim of the project is to furnish offices, lobbies and other workplaces with comfortable seating for relaxed working, waiting or holding small meetings.
All featuring a pewter-coloured metal base, and high or low hide leather-, textile- or leather- covered backrests, to accommodate comfy seat, armrest and backrest cushions. This gives rise to two- or three-seat sofas, or comfortable armchairs. In particular the sofa featuring high, snug backrests, favours small independent seating arrangements, perfect for concentration, working alone or holding small meetings, even in crowded and noisy contexts such as lobbies or open spaces.
The low backrest versions perform all the functions which, in a modern office, help to make a guest feel at ease. A combination of the various basic elements can provide an individual office with a comfortable little lounge, or configure entire public waiting areas.


  • Coverings

Revive fabric

Chip fabric

File fabric

Note fabric

Remix 2 fabric

Sole fabric

Thema Leather


Elmo leather