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Jean Nouvel

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In addition to operational and executive workstations, the modular LessLess system also features brand-new rotating storage towers, drawer units and filling containers. The distinctive feature of these pieces, which organise work spaces discreetly yet effectively, is their design purity, which makes them feel like abstract monoliths. As in the Less series, the rotating towers have openings on both sides, with the doors shifting from one side to the other in order to ensure the space is taken full advantage of. The base, however, is completely concealed within the structure, ensuring maximum design simplicity. The same solution is used for the drawer units, where an individual front panel conceals three drawers.


  • Structure
KS Soft Black painting

EW Natural anodized painting


"The elementariness that I seek has nothing to do with pure minimalism. Even when design strives to minimise the material aspect, the design is no less creative."

Jean Nouvel


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