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Jean Nouvel

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In addition to workstations and executive desks, the modular Less system also features a range of innovative accessory pieces. With the geometric essence of flat surfaces and regular parallelepipeds and the solidity of the metal structures, these pieces organise our day-to-day work spaces discreetly yet effectively. The unit with three drawers, one of which is designed specifically for storing folders, features a hinged rear panel for storing cabling and can be finished with sliders or wheels. The rotating towers on fixed bases have openings on both sides, with the doors shifting from one side to the other in order to ensure the space is taken full advantage of, thanks to a patented mechanism. As of the second half of the 1990s, the system was expanded with the addition of a modular bookcase, either open-faced or closed off, featuring open-out doors and available in various heights and lengths.



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AG Silver painting

SG Frosted Grey painting


"The elementariness that I seek has nothing to do with pure minimalism. Even when design strives to minimise the material aspect, the design is no less creative."

Jean Nouvel


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