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La bellezza nella Parola. Il nuovo Evangeliario Ambrosiano e capolavori antichi


Palazzo Reale, Milan

“Cardinal Tettamanzi's decision to entrust the realization of the Ambrosian Book of Gospels to contemporary artists is a further demonstration of his indomitable passion for dialogue with the men and women of our time.”

With these words, Cardinal Angelo Scola inaugurated the exhibition “La bellezza nella Parola” (The Beauty in the Word) in the halls of Palazzo Reale in Milan, presenting the new Ambrosian Book of Gospels. The works were commissioned by Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, who, in coronation of his episcopate, donated them to the diocese of Milan. UniFor took part in the initiative as a technical sponsor, providing Naòs tables, designed by Pierluigi Cerri, for displaying the works.

Published: 01, 2011