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Gabriele Basilico. Milano, ritratti di fabbriche 1978-1980 Mosca verticale 2007-2008


21.10.2009 - 28.02.2010


Spazio Oberdan, Milan

An exhibition of two works by the photographer Gabriele Basilico. "Milano ritratti di Fabbriche 1978-1980" is an extensive series of images of the outskirts of Milan, presenting a visual recomposition of a relatively unknown and little considered landscape.

The work is the result of a lengthy investigation that views industrial architecture as an emblem of the very identity of the city. "Mosca Verticale 2007-2008" is a project born of a desire to narrate the metamorphosis of the urban landscape from the unusual point of view of the top of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers of Moscow. True metropolitan monuments from the era of real-socialism, the towers were constructed in the mid-1950s and continue to be privileged vantage points for in-depth observations of the city. Basilico was one of the great masters of Italian contemporary photography, internationally famous for his urban landscapes.

Published: 20, 2009