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October 2013


Fieramilano Host International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry Milano

Presented at the HOST 2013 exhibition in the Furnishings macro-area, EXIHS - Excellent Italian Hospitality Services is a new concept devoted to the hotel and restaurant industry that investigates the theme of the "non-place".

Transit points and temporary abodes are reinterpreted with the design excellence of Made in Italy products and enriched with a series of services, in order to enhance the mental and physical well-being of those who frequent non-places for business, tourism or shopping. Designed by Dante O. Benini, with the support of Pierluigi Cerri for graphic design, EXIHS is a large interactive “box” where business, personal interaction and well-being merge to create a pleasant atmosphere that favors attention to interpersonal relationships and self-care, while efficiently supporting work requirements. The project was fitted out using products by leading Italian industries, including UniFor furniture designed by Pierluigi Cerri and Jean Nouvel.

Published: 11, 2013