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Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

This series of major retrospective exhibitions, held in the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza and devoted to the masters of contemporary architecture, had an original approach in that it was the architects themselves who designed their own exhibition. The series was organized by the cultural association Abacoarchitettura, under the patronage of local authorities and universities and with the support of sponsors, including UniFor.

Tadao Ando: opere di architettura, 1994-1995
Gabetti & Isola: opere di architettura, 1996-1995
Sverre Fehn architetto, 1997
O.M. Ungers architetto, 1998
Álvaro Siza architetto, 1999-2000
Toyo Ito architetto, 2001
Steven Holl architetto, 2002
Campo Baeza alla luce di Palladio, 2004
Kazuyo Sejima - Ryue Nishizawa SANAA - Architetti, 2005-2006

Published: 10, 2006