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Unispace, Sydney




Sydney, Australia

interior design



iSatelliti S200

Unispace, a global design firm highly specialized in the sector of office environments, is present in 16 countries, with 37 offices employing over 400 professionals. The firm’s new Sydney headquarters occupies the 43rd floor of a skyscraper located halfway between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The task workstations are organized along the curved contours of the facade, taking advantage of both the extraordinary views of the harbor and the abundant natural light. Sound-insulating panels and the possibility of individually controlling the height of the work surfaces further ensure excellent work conditions. The meeting tables and face-to-face workstations in linear configurations are supported by one or two columns, complete with cable housing and firmly anchored to a base plate fixed below the raised flooring, thereby affording a high degree of flexibility, comfort, and freedom of movement.

Series products: iSatelliti Grouped workstations with height-adjustable worktops (from 76 cm to 116 cm) and sound-insulating divider panels. 

Custom works: Workstations with 10 places facing each other in linear configurations, and meeting tables in various shapes and sizes, supported by one or two central columns, complete with cable housing, anchored to a steel base plate fixed below the raised flooring.