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Intesa Sanpaolo Headquarter




Turin, Italy


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

interior design

Michele de Lucchi Pierluigi Copat Architecture



Located on the edge of the historic center of Turin, the new tower built to host the headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo stands out against the backdrop of the Alps, changing the contour of the city skyline. Despite its considerable size, the luminescent white structure appears lightweight and almost immaterial, while at the same time constituting an important new feature in the urban landscape. The building was conceived according to the most advanced research into sustainability and presents itself as an elaborate social and environmental laboratory and community hub.
The project for the interiors is characterized by exclusive custom furnishing solutions that define high-quality workspaces in a luminous, welcoming environment. The workstations are executed using the same type of table for every floor, as well as for the conference rooms. Enhanced by minimalist design and elegant natural finishes, each of the large tables is supported only by a central column, firmly fixed to the raised flooring and with accommodation for cable housing.
The result is that the tables appear to float as if suspended in mid-air. Groups of compact, double-sided containers complete the workstations while subdividing the spaces between the workstation islands.

Series products:
Parete RP
Full-height partition wall system.

Custom works
Workstations with 4/6 places consisting
of large tables supported only by a central column with cable housing.
Filing cabinet system, finishes in sycamore.

Work environments
Workstations: 2.000
Rectangular tables: 500
Double-sided cabinet groups: 560
RP glazed partition walls: 4,000 sq m
Swing doors in glass: 200