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Covington & Burling LLP, Brussels






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AV Wall - Neutra - Panels and Screens - RP

Contemporaneity and minimalism are the key features of the interior project conceived by LSM for the American law firm Covington and Burling LLP. UniFor supplied furniture and glazed partitions for the 2,965 square metres in the iconic Manhattan Center. The Brussels offices, a true extension of the Covington headquarters in Washington DC, also completed by UniFor in 2015, have a particular focus on new office technologies and the integration of height-adjustable workstations. UniFor worked closely with LSM studio on the design and engineering of the fully cantilevered workstations of the private offices which stand from the equipped wall partition to ensure that the strong aesthetic required was maintained.

The Manhattan centre building is in the heart of Brussels, with a total of 29 floors, the top three of which, from 27 to 29, are occupied by the prestigious law firm Covington & Burling. Glazing plays a central role both inside and outside the building, providing magnificent views of the city and maximising natural light.
The spaces have been designed to promote teamwork and collaboration between the various departments and to encourage close contact with the firm's offices around the world. Carefully designed furniture by LSM, a non-invasive use of technology and a special focus on comfort contribute to an optimal working environment. The interior design included operational areas with customised workspaces, enclosed offices with elegant glass partitions, common areas, conference rooms and informal spaces.
The numerous private offices for partners and associates are of different sizes and include fully height-adjustable cantilever workstations and a working wall. The office is completed by Wingspan, the freestanding modular bookcase system designed to furnish, subdivide, and organize, in an elegant and functional manner, high-end work environments, executive suites, boardrooms, meeting areas.
Single-glazed RP walls, designed by Renzo Piano, divide the private offices, while the meeting rooms have double-glazed RP equipped with the large Supersincro sliding doors to efficiently organize the spaces. The meeting rooms become easily open space work areas. Supersincro sliding door system consists of a maximum of five framed glazed panels hung from the upper profile and connected to each other at the base by a metal connection element that allows a perfect alignment and a synchronized overlapping opening and closing action.
The meeting rooms have been equipped with AV Wall. Entirely conceived by UniFor, AV Wall is a modular technical wall panelling system designed to furnish representative meeting rooms in which the technological set-up is key. AV Wall allows a simplified integration of the latest digital conference technological solutions that are completely inserted within hidden technical compartments.
The eleven meeting tables, entirely customized, have been supplied in different shapes, rectangular, oval, or round, with and without electrification.
The open office workstations are all height-adjustable and equipped with P4 partition panels and Neutra drawer units.
To complete the spaces, UniFor also supplied a custom-made reception desk, shelves and drawer units for the "Library" areas and an ad hoc designed four metres long sideboard with a polished alluminium structure and shelves and backpainted front glass doors with internal drawers.