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Bonnefantenmuseum. Maastricht 1994




Maastricht, The Neederlands


Aldo Rossi con Umberto Barbieri, Giovanni Da Pozzo, Marc Kocher

interior design

Aldo Rossi con Umberto Barbieri, Giovanni Da Pozzo, Marc Kocher



Located on the eastern side of the Meuse river, opposite old town Maastricht, the Bonnefantenmuseum is part of a program for the regeneration of the Céramique industrial area, within which it plays an important role of redefinition of both the water front and the urban front. The perfect expression of the research work carried out by Aldo Rossi on the role of public buildings, the project fully embodies the notion of museums as true urban places. The orderly layout of the complex comprises two symmetrical galleries forming a compact system around a central body, housing the foyer, the staircase and the rotunda. Constructed with traditional materials, including brick, stone and zinc, around a cement and steel frame, the building uses natural light as part of the overall composition, assigning it a key role in the definition of the internal space, together with the clean-cut minimal design of the furnishings, which were partly designed by Aldo Rossi specifically for this project and then made as standard products by UniFor.

Standard products:
Consiglio Large rectangular tables.
Cartesio Modular book shelving system.

Custom products: museum seats, book displays, bar and related furnishings.
Exhibition spaces.
Reading and information rooms.