Aldo Rossi

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Together with Consiglio, Cartesio and Museo, Parigi represents Aldo Rossi’s idea of the perfect office. Born at the end of the 1980s, this armchair responds with great functionality to the needs of the office environment, as seen by Aldo Rossi as a domestic space for working, and is for the architect a way of thinking about both architecture and design.

The project for the Parigi armchair comes from the desire to design a piece of furniture capable of adapting to living and working environments. Aldo Rossi's answer is a simple seat, far removed from the claims of efficiency, that can bring comfort and intimacy to the office environment. Aldo Rossi proposes an armchair that appears as rigid as wood, but is actually soft and comfortable: a black painted aluminium frame is completed by a self-supporting seat and backrest in polyurethane foam with a red paint finish. The Parigi armchair is an iconic piece of Italian design.


"It may sound pretentious, but the more I travel the world, the more I feel I am one of its citizens, and the more I return to an ancient sense of things."

Aldo Rossi


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