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Bibliothèque de l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts




Paris, France


Francois Debret, Felix Duban

interior design



Libreria CF - OLD Flipper workstation

The Bibliothèque de l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris is an integral part of an important architectural complex built in the early 17th century for the Couvent des Petits-Augustins. Used as a museum during the French Revolution and the Empire period, the complex was later converted to become the sumptuous École des Beaux-Arts, still in operation today. 
Covered by a splendid structure in iron and glass, the central court serves as a connection and distribution node between the various thematic areas. At the first floor, at the landing of the grand staircase, is the Library, one of the finest in Paris, where ancient, evocative furnishings are combined with modern, functional systems. A fiery red carpet leads to long walnut tables lit by old lamps in blown glass, while newly renovated spaces are organized with an innovative program of modular aluminum bookcases, providing the environment with new design solutions.

Libreria CF Modular bookcase system for well-appointed libraries. Flexible and adaptable to project requirements, it is composed of aluminum modules in a double-sided freestanding version and a single-sided wall version, complete with bookshelf accessories (design by Dante Bonuccelli).
Flipper Study and consultation tables.