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Naòs System

Studio Cerri & Associati

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Open-space aggregate work stations, equipped to satisfy the specific functional requirements of task areas, executive facilities, meeting rooms and libraries. The system is articulated in three types of table: the conference table, with a continuous, uninterrupted surface, the task table, with a translucent illuminated divider panel, and the library table, with a lamp for direct lighting on the tabletop. Each table type is configured linearly based on three basic modules, in groups of two, four, six or eight workstations. The line is completed by an individual desk, available in three different sizes.


  • Worktop
  • Structure
  • Accessories
HA Ardesia glass

V4 White glass

N4 Black glass

HR Platinum Grey glass

U0 Salsa Linoleum

U3 Charcoal Linoleum

U4 Mushroom Linoleum

U8 Pebble Linoleum

U9 Ash Linoleum

UD Mauve Linoleum

UE Conifer Linoleum

UF Black Linoleum

W3 White avonite

X0 Fenix White laminate

X1 Fenix Black laminate

X2 Fenix Cacao laminate

X3 Fenix Grey laminate

BA Polished aluminium

NA Natural aluminium

T0 Ash painting

VP Platinum Grey painting

C7 Calce White painting

KS Soft Black painting

AR Ardesia painting

PX Frosted Silver painting

BA Polished aluminium


"I believe that a meaningful project must reveal a high degree of functional complexity that prevails over structural complications."

Studio Cerri & Associati


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