Move 010

Luciano Pagani e Angelo Perversi

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Year 1994

Series of multi-purpose trolleys for multimedia equipment, mobile computer workstations and electronic devices.

Flexible, functional and enhanced by minimalist forms, these accessory elements are designed to meet the needs of a work environment in constant evolution, where task and relational activities coexist. Available in three heights, the trolleys consist of: a solid metal support structure that conceals simple adjustment mechanisms; a base with compartment containing the power and data outlets, easily accessible by sliding the bottom shelf to one side; shelving that can be raised and lowered even with equipment already in place; special coaxial wheels that ensure high stability, whether the trolley is stationary or in motion.


  • Structure
Epoxy powder coating


"In our projects we try to add a little piece of future in order to match our dreams with the happiness of many".

Luciano Pagani e Angelo Perversi


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