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UniFor renews its relationship with two of the world's leading architecture firms, FOSTER + PARTNERS and SNØHETTA, presenting XYZ by Foster+Partners and Bokhus by Snøhetta



Bokhus by Snøhetta

With a research initiated in 2019 UniFor and Snøhetta, have joined their DNA in the exploration of the world of libraries and their future resulting in a series of objects aiming to reshape the meaning of libraries.


Bokhus is a shelving system combining Italian craftsmanship and engineering, with Scandinavian simple elegance and tactility.
A union of simple shapes and complex details, skilled use of materials that combines the technicality of metal and the warmth of wood; the symbiosis between form and function.

Open, lightweight, flexible, the Bokhus shelving system is composed of terminal and central uprights with a concealed rack allowing for the free configuration of the shelves.

The use of recycled aluminium, wood and cellulose make Bokhus a sustainable product. The production technique allows for each element of the product to be separated and appropriately recycled and disposed of.

“The Bokhus shelving system is designed for libraries. All design choices have ultimately been made to accommodate and celebrate books. It is important to create a space where books are still valued and celebrated, a social hub where people spend time.”

- Snøhetta

XYZ by Foster + Partners

XYZ is a flexible office system that creates more agile and tailored workspaces. The pared-back, modular system includes a shelving unit (X), lightweight conference table (Y) and an intuitive sit/stand desk (Z), which work individually or as a set.


Named after its distinctive x-shaped timber or aluminium post that forms the primary structure, the X shelving units can be used to reconfigure any workspace, producing open partitions which allow for clear lines of sight through the space.
Workplaces have the option to create more defined and private areas, while maintaining a sense of place and community.


The Y Table is a lightweight, reconfigurable table system, designed to use minimum material while offering maximum support. Its Y-shaped, steel legs can be easily reconfigured to allow for different seating arrangements and removed completely for transportation or storage.

“Underpinned by a human-centric approach to office design, the XYZ system allows everyone to fine-tune their working environments to meet individual requirements, which can have a profound effect on mood and general wellbeing in the workplace.”

- Mike Holland, Senior Partner and Head of Industrial Design, Foster + Partners


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