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Perth Design Week 2024

On the occasion of the Perth Design Week, 14th-21st March 2024, UniFor relaunches PRINCIPLES and renews its relationship with OMA.

The collection is presented in a unique layout within the venue of Cathedral Square, named for the occasion ‘PRINCIPLES Square’ specifically organised to give the visitor an overview of PRINCIPLES multifunctionalities.

In PRINCIPLES Square, the area of more than 600sqm is specifically organised to give the visitor an overview of PRINCIPLES multifunctionalities. Square, round, triangular and the iconic donut shape upholstered islands become places to meet and interact in the lounge areas.

Curved partition panels are connected to create a backbone structure, onto which shelvings are attached, for the “reading room”.
The seating modules, linear and curved, are joined together by an invisible connecting system to create generous sofas that divide the movie screening zone from the workshops one, furnished with desks and tables with double-layered surfaces for multiple uses.
The overall result is an interior landscape with infinite possibilities, composed of micro-architectures that provide for multiple and diversifiable functions.


The fundamental concept of PRINCIPLES is to provide furnishings that can be used by anyone, at any time, to best support the flow of operations and communications required by the contemporary workplace. The whole collection, composed by more than one hundred elements in various size, from S to XL, can be configured in limitless ways for working in groups or independently.

Exploration of technology and materiality is integral to the development of the collection.
Fabric for high-tech sportswear, extra-thick colour core laminates in carefully selected tones, and specially designed microperforated sheet metals for acoustic performing surface have been deployed to create this highly functional furniture.

“Bringing the PRINCIPLES collection to Perth on the occasion of Design Week confirms the company’s strong willingness to continue supporting the Australian market, which over the years has responded enthusiastically to UniFor’s design proposals. Working alongside the OMA studio is, once again, an opportunity for us to gain new perspectives and visions.”

- Carlo Molteni, CEO, UniFor


UniFor’s presence in Australia dates back from the 1990s, and currently includes showrooms in the continent’s most important cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and, of course, Perth. The company’s commitment to architecture has led to strong connections with the local community of architects and designers.


UniFor and OMA initially collaborated on the design of the furniture for the common and lounge areas of the OMA-designed Axel Springer Campus in Berlin in 2018. The pieces have been reengineered and optimized into highly modular and customizable elements. The resulting collection combines OMA’s design ideas with the precise application of UniFor’s technical and manufacturing expertise.


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