Fernando Urquijo

"Children are all artists, the problem is to stay creative with the passage of time"

Fernando Urquijo


Fernando Urquijo is an Argentine architect who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, where he joined the teaching staff in 1964. Under the direction of Elliot Noyes, the Dean of the Harvard Gradual School of Design, he became the head of the architecture program for IBM Europe, where he participated in numerous projects, supervising such architects as Norman Foster, Jorgen Bö and Renzo Piano. During this period he collaborated on an important research project regarding the behavior of the employees of large offices in Europe. In 1985, with Gino Valle and Giorgio Macola, he opened a firm in Paris for office and chair design for such large-scale clients as the Société Générale, Thompson, and Allianz. For UniFor he has designed various office furnishing systems. He has received numerous international prizes and honors. He currently works between Paris and Buenos Aires.