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Philip Morris International




Bologna, Italy

interior design

Cushman & Wakefield Venancio Neiva Agostini Lamberto Maida Cattaneo


Naòs System - Flipper - LessLess - iSatelliti S200

Located in the Emilia countryside, just a few kilometers from Bologna, Italy, the new production hub of Philip Morris International, a well-known American tobacco multinational, is experimenting with a new, large-scale production strategy for a product line that promises less potential for health damage. The large manufacturing plant includes the office building, which, in terms of architecture, is characterized by a series of glazed facades screened by a refined system of brise-soleils, the forms of which are echoed in a large cantilevered canopy that protects the central entrance pavilion. Neatly arranged along the longitudinal facades so as to best take advantage of the natural light are the open-space task areas, the offices enclosed by glass partitions, and the meeting rooms. They are defined by workstations and furnishing systems characterized by compositional simplicity, functionality, and freshness of the chromatic schemes, which are articulated in white with color accents.

Series products:

iSatelliti Open-space workstations with painted metal structure, top in laminate, and fabric divider panels with elevated sound absorption; metal drawer pedestals and filing cabinets complete the compositions.

Naòs System Conference tables with structure in painted aluminum and glass top, back-painted in white. LessLess Conference tables. Flipper Auxiliary tables with structure in painted metal and top in wood. 
Workstations: 530