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Musée de la Préhistoire. Bordeaux




Bordeaux, France


Jean-Pierre Buffi

Built directly against the cliff wall and incorporating the remains of the pre-existing castle, the  Musée de la Préhistoire di Les Eyzies-de Tayac houses the largest prehistoric archaeology collection in France. The permanent exhibition is organised over two levels: a first level dedicated to “prehistoric times”, telling of 400 thousand years of prehistory in France, and a second level dedicated to “prehistoric spaces”, with prehistoric hunting and fishing scenes, dwellings, burials and decorated caves. Exemplary in its design approach, well-balanced and extremely respectful of its contents, the internal fit-out has been conceived with human psychology in mind, showing great care for detail and a sensitive use of materials, technology, light and furnishings. Minimal in shape and innovative in concept, the custom-made showcases have been designed to cleverly set off the various artefacts without taking over the scene.

Custom products:
Display system consisting of individual wall and floor-mounted showcases (design by Dante Bonuccelli).
Exhibition spaces.