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MFL Group




Lecco, Italy

interior design

Ivo Pellegri


RP - Naòs System - Naòs - Mobili MT - Neutra

Highly specialized in the sector of precision mechanics, MFL Group enjoys a prominent position at the international level and a reputation as a benchmark of excellence in a market that rewards reliability, performance and flexibility. The underlying values organizing each of the group's work activities, they also oriented the design of MFL's new offices in Lecco. The interior architecture is characterized by formal rigor and refined color schemes and finishes, resulting in a compositional simplicity that effectively communicates the solid, pragmatic and strategic vision that sets MFL apart. The work environments are functional in layout and always in direct contact with natural light. They are defined by glazed partition elements and elegant furnishing systems whose simple, functional designs make an important contribution to the overall quality of each space.

Series products:

Parete RP Full-height partition wall system.
Naòs System Workstations in linear groups, conference tables, executive desks with personalized finishes.
Naòs Wall-mounted bookcases.
Neutra Cabinets with tambour doors.

Workstations: 220.
Individual offices: 21.
Executive offices and conference rooms: 22.
Filing cabinets: 290.
Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets: Citterio.
RP glazed partition walls: 1,300 sq m.
Doors: 90.