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Mobili MT

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The pieces feature laminated abutments, a base, a cover and a rear panel in metal with painted borders in ABS. The wrap-around roll-top panel, available in the horizontal and vertical settings, is the distinctive feature of this piece, which can be provided in a range of different sizes. The shelves are made from sheet metal and their height can be adjusted. The attention to detail, practicality and rational feel of the MT series mean it can be combined with all UniFor workstations.


  • Structure
  • Finishing top
  D7 Charcoal painting

T0 Ash painting

VP Platinum Grey painting

C7 Calce White painting

KS Soft Black painting

S4 White laminate

GP Platinum Grey laminate

Sycamore Laminate

RY Oak laminate

AS Sycamore

RV Oak

NK Canaletto Walnut straight-grained

5R Thermo-treated Oak


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