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International Company Offices. Milan




Milan, Italy


Antonio Citterio Patrizia Viel and Partners

interior design

Mmoser Associates. Local Architect: RBSGROUP Italia


RP - Naòs - Mobili MA

The Milanese branch of International Company Offices occupies a building from the 1930s, designed by Ulisse Stacchini. Recently cleared of superstructures added during previous renovations, it has been transformed into a modern executive office complex. The functional renovation left the facade intact, with a careful preservation-oriented restoration, while completely re-designing the distribution of the interior spaces. They are now arranged around a striking vertical glass atrium that brings natural light into the center of the building and creates an attractive composition of transparencies and unusual vistas. The building comprises four floors of office space, underground parking, a public square at ground level and an added fully-glazed penthouse floor that affords a panoramic view of the city. The work environments are transparent, permeable spaces in an atmosphere of refined lightness, organized by means of glazed partitions and furnished with workstations and storage units with minimalist forms.

Series products:
Parete RP Modular floor-to-ceiling partition wall system.
Naòs System Grouped task workstations, executive desks and conference tables. M/S Metal storage cabinets. 

Workstations: 400.
Storage cabinets: 350 sq m.
Parete RP: 1,600 sq m.