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Flick Gocke Schaumburg




Bonn, Germany


Eller + Eller Architekten

interior design

Eller + Eller Architekten


Naòs System - LessLess Color

Situated in the south part of Bonn near the very popular Museum Mile, the new headquarters of the prestigious international tax law firm Flick Gocke Schaumburg occupies an entire city block, articulated in the form of a campus. The complex consists of four building volumes, each 5-7 floors tall, arranged around a large atrium covered by a glazed roof. The atrium is conceived as an urban square, a place for the more than 750 people who work in the complex to meet, interact and exchange ideas. It accommodates the stairs and elevated walkways and, at ground level, the common areas, conference rooms, library, and cafeteria. At the exterior, the architecture is characterized by a double-skin facade that ensures elevated technical standards, natural light, and a pleasantly ventilated interior microclimate throughout the year. The furnishings and distribution of the workspaces are also aimed at creating a functional and pleasant place to work, in which each environment maintains its own identity in a shared, unified vision.

Series products:
Naòs System Conference tables in various sizes, library tables, desks.
LessLess Color Workstations, tables, drawer pedestals, storage and filing cabinets, and suspended containers made to measure. Easy Personalized meeting tables with integrated cable housing.